Membership/Subscription Management Introduced!

We’re super excited to announce the introduction of another new feature available now in your FlexBooker account: Membership management!

A highlight of the features available are:

  • Set up membership plans, to be charged automatically on a recurring basis
  • Automated charging and payment failure re-tries and client alerts
  • A membership portal for them to purchase plans and update their billing information
  • The ability to set up flexible promotions, including free trial periods

It’s a great way to grow your business while giving your clients the ability to pay for their packages/plans automatically without needing to pay every time they make an appointment.

With FlexBooker, you can set up different membership plans to offer to your customers. Each plan entitles your customers to book either a certain number of appointments or a certain length of time per month, week, or year.

FlexBooker automatically handles processing the customer’s credit card at the beginning of each billing period. If a stored credit card fails, we’ll email the user with a link to update their subscription before it’s suspended.

A little bit more detail:

You can create as many different plans for your members to subscribe to as you desire, and each one is super flexible:

You can choose the price, along with how many sessions they get with their package for each billing period, along with choosing the duration of the billing period (i.e. how often their plan renews automatically). You can even choose when to suspend non-paying members if their credit card doesn’t process after a certain number of times.

Discount/Promo codes are also super flexible! You can choose:

Discount Amount – can be either a percentage or a fixed amount of money to be discounted off the monthly subscription price.

Applies forever? – decide if this promotion discounts the price for all future billing periods or just the first X billing periods. This is really helpful if you want to have an introductory promotion, such as $10 off a new member’s first month only!

As you would expect, your members can purchase memberships (i.e. subscribe to one of your plans) from a link you can include in any email or via a form you can embed right on your website.

There’s a lot of helpful information about how to set up and manage everything subscription-related here in our help section.

Please let us know at or through the chat system on our website if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can help with!

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