4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Salon Software

Salons are such small businesses that usually get a lot of foot traffic and have many staff members and clients. They need a tool that would help them greatly in dealing with the bookings and the schedule in general. An example of such a salon software would be an online scheduling solution. As with every tool, you have to think of ways to use it in the most effective manner possible. In this blog post, we will discuss those ways and see what useful features an online booking tool has in its arsenal. So let’s dive into the subject.

salon software

Daily Recaps

Every morning your salon software – an online booking tool – can send you a recap of all the bookings, cancellations and delays made in the last 24 hours so that you are updated and aware of any small change. It will also provide you with a list of current booking for the next week.

You will be able to keep track of your schedule on any of your devices and seamlessly incorporate it into your morning routine.

Monthly Reports

One of the most useful features of an online booking tool is the monthly report. It will help you keep track of your most critical metrics, such as your busiest appointment type, most loyal customers, most popular time slots and most productive employees. It will answer all your questions and point out any of your business’ problems if such exist.

By knowing all this you can channel your efforts to solve the problems and make your business grow more steadily and effectively.

Online Payments

What usually a salon software offers customers is an online payment feature. It makes the booking process more productive and convenient for the user. Having clients book appointments beforehand is a benefit for you, too. Once they take this step further they become less likely to cancel or move the appointment.

Another advantage of using your online payment feature is essentially getting a platform on which to display your discounts and promo codes. Use this to attract more clients and to urge them to book an appointment on your least popular time slots.


Everything your salon software will send to the clients has to be customizable, every email and SMS should be looked over by your first.

Besides that, the scheduling tool itself should fit into the website perfectly. It has to look like a part of it and not a third-party software that was just pasted in. So make sure you get a tool that offers customization and prioritize using it. Edit to booking form to your liking, edit its fields and change up the information given.

This concludes our 4 ways of using your salon software to its maximum. Make sure you check out the daily recaps it sends you to stay on top of your bookings, analyze its monthly reports, use the online payment feature and customize everything to perfection. If you follow these, they will help you develop your business fast and steadily.

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