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Ever told someone how your favorite software saves you tons of headache and frees up your time? Surely you have, as you want to let your friends in on your successes. With new FlexBooker Referral Bonuses you will both win big next time you tip off your friends!

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Here’s the scoop:

  1. Let us know you want in on this sweet deal here
  2. We’ll send you a customized link to share with your friends
  3. Your friends get 10% off FlexBooker for life, and you get paid 20% of their plan price for their first 6 months — right into your bank account 😀

A few selling points to remind your friends

Prioritize your personal time

At some point you’ve likely experienced a multi day back and forth email or phone tag while attempting to book a service. And once you finally find a time you’re both free, you’ve delayed your meeting a few days, and wasted your already limited free time on all of the back and forth. Online appointment booking will save you and your clients hours each week. Take those wasted hours and spend them with your friends and family, or by enjoying your favorite activity on your own.

Reduce no-shows

Allow FlexBooker to take the burden off your back of calling or emailing your clients to remind them about their upcoming appointment. Instead send customizable automated text message or email reminders to make sure your customers don’t forget. And if you’re still worried about no-shows, enable no-show fees to ensure you don’t lose out too much when someone forgets.

Fully integrated

We know convenience is key. That’s why we created FlexBooker to integrate with all of the most important aspects of your day-to-day. Connect your Zoom or GoToMeeting account to FlexBooker and it will automatically create unique Zoom / GoToMeeting links for each appointment.

Sync your FlexBooker appointments into whatever external calendar you like to use (you can even sync that calendar into FlexBooker if you’d like).

And of course we have made sure that all pages are completely mobile friendly, for your clients who are constantly on the go.

FlexBooker saves you time and money. Share The FlexBooker Love 🧡 Tell your friends.

See for yourself. Try it free for 14 days or schedule a demo today.

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