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Company History

FlexBooker was founded in 2014 to provide appointment management solutions to service-based businesses and their customers. Since then, the company has leveraged its highly flexible, powerful SaaS appointment platform to help thousands of business locations and millions of end-users across a wide range of industries. 100% owned by our co-founders, FlexBooker is consistently profitable and debt-free, which allows us to focus on serving our customers, instead of venture capitalists or private-equity firms.

Major Customers

FlexBooker's user-friendly embeddable booking form powers appointment collection and management for H&R Block Canada, across both corporate-owned and franchised locations. Our highly scalable, responsive infrastructure handles the creation and retrieval via API of hundreds of thousands of bookings per month during tax season.
GoDaddy trusts FlexBooker with responsibility for scheduling website consultations and technical support with a crew of dozens of agents.
With it’s highly distributed, ephemeral workforce, Chipotle faces a real challenge when recruiting and training new employees. By allowing candidates to schedule themselves into interview events using FlexBooker, the company keeps their prospective employees aware of the time and place of their interviews. FlexBooker's powerful API keeps interview events synchronized with Chipotle's internal systems.
The world's leading contact-lens producer trusts FlexBooker to schedule and manage product demonstrations worldwide.
The hippest eyewear boutique on the planet leverages FlexBooker as a powerful marketing tool, allowing prospective customers to schedule in-person consultations at Krewe's retail locations. The company's in-house design experts crafted FlexBooker's highly customizable booking form to match the brand's impeccable look.

Customer Testimonials

FlexBooker is the perfect solution for any business that offers appointments, classes, facilities, or services to its customers.

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