5 Highly Effective Ways to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Customers are the central part of each business or company and must be the top priority for every business. Customer service is king, as happy and satisfied customers can assist in building credibility and boost your business. 

Customer service is not only about your customers’ questions or concerns regarding your products, but can be a very important factor for customers in deciding which company to choose. A study shows that 84 percent of customers site the company’s customer service as a key factor while making a decision.

Research indicates that 77 percent of customers are expected to refer a business to a friend after having a positive experience. Brand loyalty is also based on customer service as 95 percent of customers believe that good customer service is essential for brand loyalty. For this reason it is vital to concentrate on keeping your clients satisfied and happy with excellent customer service. 

Ways to improve customer service 

Here are some of the best ways to improve customer service, ensuring your customers’ experience is brilliant and unique.

Use a scheduling app to minimize wait time

You want to have the perfect customer service but if you are stuck with a laggy, slow, and unintuitive system, you can’t provide the information when customers need it. This will inevitably lead to a poor customer service experience. It is important to find contact center tools and customer relationship management software that support stress-free experiences and fast resolutions for your customers, and employees. 

FlexBooker is one such tool that will help you automate key operations like scheduling, payments, email and text reminders, no-show fees, and online meeting creation.

Train staff regularly

The staff at the customer service department is the front-line for any company so it is important to support them with regular training sessions. This could be a formal course, an online reference tool, an easily accessible wiki, ongoing coaching and mentoring from expert staff, or a combination of approaches. Use any strategy that works for your business to make your customer service team feel clear and confident about their job.

Set service goals

Setting customer service goals will help the whole team stay focused and on track. It will become easier for them to make decisions and enhance their autonomy. And that can lead to increased customer satisfaction. Always set measurable goals as they will help each member of the customer service team to personally understand where exactly they excel, and have visibility into the success of the whole team. Above all, the outcomes of the customer service goals can show what exactly your customer wants.

Be responsive

Being responsive is one of the most effective ways to improve customer service. Nothing is worse than being non-responsive to customers who are attempting to get their problems resolved. The key is to respond immediately to queries and questions even if only to explain that you are finding a solution and will be back soon. It is better to give some response than nothing at all, so customers do not feel ignored.

Stay smart with automation

Self-service tools and chatbots can be the perfect ways to assist customers with simple queries and challenges. Such things can greatly reduce the burden on the contact center staff and prevent customers from waiting for long to be engaged. Keep in mind that customer surveys also suggest that human conversation is very important for many types of problems. So ensure that you are selectively using chatbots and automation and always give a clear way to customers for leaving the automated interaction and connecting to a human representative.


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