5 Highly Effective Ways to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Customers are the central part of each business or company and must be the top priority for every business. Customer service is king, as happy and satisfied customers can assist in building credibility and boost your business. 

Customer service is not only about your customers’ questions or concerns regarding your products, but can be a very important factor for customers in deciding which company to choose. A study shows that 84 percent of customers site the company’s customer service as a key factor while making a decision.

Research indicates that 77 percent of customers are expected to refer a business to a friend after having a positive experience. Brand loyalty is also based on customer service as 95 percent of customers believe that good customer service is essential for brand loyalty. For this reason it is vital to concentrate on keeping your clients satisfied and happy with excellent customer service. 

Ways to improve customer service 

Here are some of the best ways to improve customer service, ensuring your customers’ experience is brilliant and unique.

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How to Overcome The Post-Holiday Retail Slump

It’s an all too familiar feeling when business owners recognize the post-holiday retail slump has set in. It’s natural after all, with dreary weather in many parts of the country, and expendable income depleted after the holidays.

After the rush and excitement of the holidays, how do retail shops continue to bring in customers during the slow months of January and February? We have a few ideas 😉

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6 Small Business Goals to Set in 2021

Everyone’s excited to put 2020 behind us and start a new year. How can we ensure that 2021 is more productive and more prosperous for us as small business owners? One great way is to set business goals. Establishing goals keeps you focused, helping you prioritize the most noteworthy projects at the ideal times.

Discover our recommendations for 6 small business goals you can set in 2021 to help your business excel.

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Why You Should Use a Waitlist App at Your Barbershop

During the holidays, barbershops are likely to be busier than normal. While this year will certainly be different, chances are many people will still want to spiff up for the holidays. People anticipate seeing more family, friends, and acquaintances than usual. Whether it be through holiday shopping, virtual holiday parties, or Zoom family get togethers, we’ll likely be more social in the coming month.

Knowing barbershops are likely to get busy, using easy scheduling and wait list software will be important. Especially with extra distancing standards this year. Find out how FlexBooker Pro can strengthen your barbershop’s sales and reviews.


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