Small Business Challenges…Plus Solutions!

Launching a business is a huge accomplishment for every business owner, however maintaining the business is another large challenge. Regardless of the business size, there are many hurdles that all businesses face, ranging from competition with competitors and managing customer bases to hiring and directing employees to help your company scale and grow. 

Here are some challenges small businesses face today and how to improve them. By dealing with such key small business challenges, you can step ahead of your competition. 

Too Many Competitors

Notwithstanding the niche you choose, there are likely many companies in your field. Establishing what makes you stand out over your competitors is the most common small business challenge that companies face and is very important to resolve for the growth of the business. 

You can cope with this problem by finding a solution that makes your company unique. Be mindful that people are searching for the product you are selling, but you just need to make sure that they find and remember your brand. 

You can increase your brand awareness and consequently your conversion rate by staying active on social media. Social engagement will help you increase your brand loyalty. Don’t sit and wait for people to come and choose your product. Be proactive and take steps to let people know your existence. You can also look for influencers to promote your product or enhance your social media presence to increase your total reach.

Managing Your Customer Base

Each new client is extremely valuable and important for a small business. With time, once you  have built a solid client base, it remains very important to understand and appreciate your customer relationships. To solve this small business challenge, you can appoint a customer relationship manager who keeps record of all of the information related to individual customers and responds to their queries. With an ever growing customer base, even an appointed team member can find it difficult to manage new and ongoing customers, and update the customer database with all necessary information.

One solution is turning to automation and technology. CRM software can help manage many aspects of your business including client base, customer journey, and project management. Online appointment scheduling software likeFlexBooker will regulate the back and forth with your customers, so you don’t have to waste time simply figuring out when you will talk. Together these will help generate insightful reports that depict the success of your business and optimize how and when your deadlines and goals are met.

Managing New Employees

Starting a new business means hiring new employees. Hiring each new worker individually could be difficult as it is a very time-consuming process. Rather than onboarding each employee separately, create a list of details that each one has to know and organize meetings to share essential news about the company all at once. It’s also very useful to adopt a team messaging platform to keep all the employees up to date. 

Use online scheduling tools such as FlexBooker to simplify the recruiting process and help manage new employees. Scheduling tools enable applicants to quickly view common availability so they can self-book their interviews. It is great for both applicants and businesses as it sends automated email and text reminders so applicants can reschedule interviews, in turn reducing no-shows. It’s so simple and straightforward to use and helps save hours each week from all the back and forth emails and calls.

Balancing Quality With Growth

Growing your business is a great thing, however understand that it can also have diminishing returns. Very fast growth can take a toll on quality regarding your services, products, customer service, or customer experience. A very fast-growing rate could overwhelm the business and staff, resulting in less than ideal customer experiences.

Rather than obsessing about every detail, business owners need to make sure they’re focusing on the right data. Instead of distressing about ensuring that the product is perfect, think of ensuring customer service is in the best condition. Keeping a balance in quality and growth helps you deal with small business problems & solutions to grow your business in its best shape.


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