How to Install an Auto Repair Booking System

Choosing the right auto repair booking system can be difficult. With various option available on the market, you should definitely have an understanding of what kind of features you want and ultimately need. Here, we will talk about things you should look for in a system, to make your auto repair business run smoothly and efficiently.

auto repair booking system


Website Integration

Firstly, you want a booking system that integrates seamlessly into your website and is easy to install. This is pretty important for many reasons. For your customers, it makes booking an appointment with you that much easier. They can schedule the appointment directly on your website without having to leave it. A good booking system will also be adaptable depending on what device your customer is using. Regardless if the customer is booking an appointment from a smartphone or a PC, your auto repair booking system should adjust to the device, to give your customers a satisfactory experience.

If you happen to not have a ready website available, do not worry. There are booking systems that offer customizable hosted booking pages that your customers can use and book an appointment just as easily.


Automation is also a key feature you should look for in an auto repair booking system. Here are some examples. Imagine the hassle of going through your bookings and sending customers reminders that they have booked an appointment. Regardless if you do it via email or text message, manually, this process could take a lot of your time. We highly suggest you look for a booking system that can entirely automate this process for you. With a couple easy tweaks in your settings, your system should be able to send out reminders automatically.

Another example of automation would be your booking schedule automatically making booked appointments unavailable to others. This will decrease, if not completely eliminate the chances of you double booking an appointment.

Data Retrieval

Knowing your customers, knowing your best employees, your most popular booking times- all are important facts that you need to know to stay on top of your business. Upon installation, you should have the ability to receive daily and monthly reports. These reports should capture the overall picture of what is going on and how you are performing. Technically, these reports are also automated, so you will receive them on the dot every day, and a more broad report by the end of the month. Make sure you enable this feature because you will realize how useful it is in due time.

To summarize, this blog post focused on key features you should look for and enable upon installing your auto repair booking system. You should definitely take the time to think of what other tools you may need, but the three main ones discussed above should surely be considered the holy grail of features. Website integration, automation, and data retrieval are the first things you should look for when searching for the perfect booking system. These three lay the foundation for your system, and the rest is up to you to decide, whether you need more, or if these three suffice.

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