Best Tools for Auto Repair Online Scheduling

If you own an auto repair shop and are thinking about using a tool to be more productive, then this blog post is for you. Using a scheduling platform can help you in numerous ways. Here, we will focus on specific tools provided by an auto repair online scheduling platform which will make your job much easier. Let’s take a look at some.

auto repair online scheduling

Receiving Daily Reporting  

One of the best tools you can look for in an auto repair online scheduling system is the ability to receive daily reports. Your daily reports will allow you to see all your bookings for the day, as well as any cancellations made within the last 24 hours. This will help you stay on top of your daily schedule. Alongside, you should be able to receive a list of bookings made for the coming week.  A prerequisite to efficiency is staying organized. Make sure you give yourself the tools to organize your day.

Online Payment Option

Another tool you should definitely look for is the ability to receive payments online. This will benefit both you and your customers. It is no secret that people like the ease of making online payments. You should consider providing this option to your clients; they will really appreciate it. Having an online payment system in place also makes your business look more professional and reliable in the eyes of the consumer.


Having automation features within your auto repair online scheduling platform could be of great use to you. For example, you can make sure your clients receive a reminder in the form of a text message. On the day of their scheduled appointment, your system will automatically send a text, reminding them that they have booked an appointment on this day at this time. This way, your clients are less likely to forget that they have made an appointment. Ultimately this will save you your money and time.

Client Management

Look for a scheduling system that will give you insights into your client base. A good booking platform should allow you to see, for example, what you busiest appointment type is, and which of your customers book the most appointments. Having this information can definitely give an edge to your marketing strategy. For example, if you see some of your services aren’t being used enough, you can offer special discounts or special deals for people, so they are motivated to book an appointment with you. Same goes for certain days that don’t get as booked as often as the others do. Offer something to clients that will lead them to schedule a visit to your shop. This tool will also help you discover your most loyal customers, which are key to your business success.

To recap, this blog post focused on the best tools you should look for when deciding on an auto repair online scheduling  system. Daily reports, online payment options, automation features, as well as client management tools, all give you the ability to effectively and easily manage your business and client base.

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