How to Get New Customers with Nail Salon Software

Attracting new customers to your nail salon can require some extra software integration. Competition in this industry is fierce and you always need to be on top of the new innovative ways of acquiring more clients. In this blog post we will talk about how you can use a salon software best in order to get those customers you want. So let’s get into the subject.

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Implement Online Appointment Booking Software

An online scheduling solution makes the booking experience easy for the customers and for you. Customers can go online whenever they want, see what time slots are free, choose the most suitable one, choose the nail master, the exact service they want to sign up for and book it in an easy and fast manner. Good online booking tools also offer a secure online payment service that will make the process even more comfortable for the client.

What comes to the benefits this tool can bring to the owners of the nail salon, we will discuss them in the next two points.

Check Your Monthly Reports

Nail salons have many customers getting different services as it is. What you as a nail salon owner or manager need first is the ability to keep all the bookings in one organized place. The perfect tool for that is an online scheduling software. Besides organizing, this solution collects data on the bookings your customers have made and send you reports on said data every month. Now what you can do with that is analyze it and find similarities in the booking patterns of your customers. Once you do that, you will have some basic but fundamental information on who your target audience is and what kind of service they are most interested in. This will prompt you to implement such marketing strategies that will affect exactly those of your customers that are most interested in a given ad.

Integrate Promo Codes

Another way you can make use of the monthly report is to find out your salon’s bookings’ least or most popular time slots. Offering promo codes on the days with least visits will partially move foot traffic from the former to the latter. This classic promotional move works best on an online scheduling software, which lets people see prices and discounts in real time and make a decision taking that into consideration.

You can do the same with your most loyal customers, which as well can be identified by analyzing the report. Send those clients a special discount code to keep them happy and potentially start promoting you to their friends and family.

This sums up our 3 most effective ways you can try to attract new customers to your nail salon. First, implement an online booking software and make the booking experience enjoyable for your customers. Second, use monthly reports the tool will send you to implement effective targeted marketing. Third, offer customers discounts for certain time slots. All these are pretty straightforward and bring the potential to make your nail salon business grow.