Spa Salon Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

February 14th is a day that couples are starting to get ready for way beforehand. They consider it as an important task to make the day magical and memorable for their loved one. It is often a tough task but Spa salons can offer great gift ideas for any couple. Below you can find our list of Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for Spa salons. Tune in.

valentines day spa marketing ideas

Couples Spa

For Valentine’s Day think about offering your customers a special couples spa day or make a ‘two for one’ offer for any of the services you provide. Create a gift card for those of your customers who want to celebrate their love in a relaxed environment. Massage the stress of their routines away. Think of the activities that would be interesting for both sexes and engaging for them to take part in it together. Make a program of such activities and let this Valentine’s Day marketing idea for Spa salons work wonders for you.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Think about collaborating with another small business for Valentine’s day. You can team up with a local wine producer and offer your clients a bottle or two of their signature wine to enhance the experience. At the end of the spa program run them a Jacuzzi which will include one of the bottles. As another great Valentine’s Day marketing idea for Spa salons surprise the couple with yet another bottle of Merlot or any of the other wines they would prefer. Customers love to be spoiled and feel exceptional.

Exclusive Services for the V-Day

Think out of the box on Valentine’s Day and come up with a unique service that will make you stand out. For instance, prolong the usual massage duration and add to the routine a complementary fruit and sweets plate. Sea salt scrubs, essential oils, aromatic massages, herbal streaming would add to the great experience. Research what your competitors are offering on the market, elaborate on their ideas and take it to your advantage.

Lovely Décor for Your Spa Salon

Décor is always an important part of any celebration. On this day pay an extra attention to your spa salon’s décor. For the special day, you can play with colours, flowers and candles. Do not forget to create a romantic mood with the familiar sounds of music by Sinatra, Legend, Sheeran, etc. You could also conduct a short survey for each coming couple beforehand to make their experience at your spa salon as personalized as you can. Ask them about their favorite songs that may bring up certain treasured memories and anything else that will make the day unforgettable.

This sums up our unique list of great Valentine’s Day marketing idea for Spa salons. Keep this informative list in your mind, take actions, and show your love and care for your clients on this special day. Rejuvenate their body, mind and soul.