How to Choose Salon Software for Your Beauty Salon or Barbershop?

There are several factors to pay attention to when choosing a salon software for your salon business. It can be considered worth investing into only if it comes with the following four features. In this blog post we will list and discuss all of them and explain why you have to take them consideration. So let’s get into more detail on the subject.

salon software

A Free Trial

Before making an investment in any salon software you have to check if it provides a free trial. This is a must as you have to see if the tool suits your business needs and is worth your money. This way not only will you save your time and effort but also avoid losing money. A free trial is also the foundation that is necessary for the analysis of the next crucial points. You need it because an online tool has to be made sure to be of value and easy to sign off of it does not appear to be so.

Easy Customization

How you present your salon to the public is extremely important for its brand. Whatever tool you integrate into it has to be fully customizable in order to blend into your salon’s website seamlessly. A fully customizable software will allow you to tailor its features to your exact needs. This ultimately suggests that features you do not use can be excluded, while ones you do can be modified to maximize usability. Thus, keeping your brand image wholesome. When there is no customization, a salon software can leave an effect opposite to what you initially added it for.

Simple Admin Panel

A salon tool has to be available for all staff, regardless of the level of their tech knowledge. It has to be easy to get used to and simple to manage. Returning to the previous point, a free trial will give you the opportunity to explore the tool firsthand and let you decide if its admin panel is intuitive enough for you and your staff’s needs. In an online scheduling software, for example, the process of setting up your salon’s schedule, attributing it to certain salon masters, adding promos etc. has to be extremely clear.

Responsive Tech Support

Let’s assume you have the salon software you are hoping to implement into your website comes with all the three mentioned above concerns fulfilled. Now the next thing you have to pay great attention to is the responsiveness of their tech support. In case there is any problem with your salon software you have to be able to reach them easily, very fast and get constructive and helpful information in a short period of time. If the support is not very helpful, it makes sense to reconsider your choice. A salon tool has to be effective, not a cause of loss of both money and time.

So here are the 4 main factors you need to make sure are existent before making an investment into any salon software. We hope this guide will help you to find the best tool for your salon or barbershop.

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