3 Salon Software Features You Absolutely Need

A salon business is usually one that has many competitors and thus needs to constantly think of new ways to get better. The step you should have already taken in the development of your salon business is the creation of a website for it. The next step is to implement useful software to make it run smoothly and bring you the most benefit. In this blog post we will talk about the online scheduling tool, a salon software that has all three most useful features for your business’ growth. Let’s dive in.

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Booking Data Collection

A good salon software that brings actual benefit to the business has to have a data report tool. Using it will make simple analyzing your bookings and then deriving useful insights. For instance, from the report you can find out what your best and worst selling services are. It will also identify your least and most popular salon agents. Based on this you can take certain measures in order to change the situation and tailor it to your needs. One of the things you can do is create special offers or discounts for your least popular time slots, driving traffic to them. A salon agent with the fewest number of bookings can offer a free cut for the most loyal customer of yours, too. This feature gives you valuable information that can help greatly for the growth of your business.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

In the course of our hectic lives many people tend to forget they have booked an appointment and consequently do not come to them. A salon tool like an online booking software can send all your customers who have booked a time slot a reminder automatically. This can be done via email or SMS. The number of no-shows will be reduced greatly once you start using this feature.

Automation will also help you avoid doing all this tedious work of sending reminders manually, sometimes it is an even physically impossible work. It is worth to mention that clients will be alerted in case you cancel your whole day of work.

Online Payments

A feature more and more clients expect a salon website to have is online payment. It makes the process of booking and paying easy, fast, secure and convenient. Not only is it good for the customers but it also provides you with a certain assurance on the cancellation front. The more steps a client takes to book your services, the lower the probability of them canceling it.

Another thing the application of the online payment feature tells about your business to the client is that you value innovation. Embracing change in the market for the better is important for the clients, it lets them realize they have chosen a salon that is constantly working on improving their services.

This concludes our list of 3 salon software features that are significant for the smooth and steady success of your salon business. Make sure those are present in the software you will choose to implement your strategy.  

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