Can You Really Get a Free Online Scheduling Tool For Your Website?

There are a big number of free online scheduling tools on the market that can be useful for some aspects of your work but cost you your time and even money. In this blog post, we will talk about the downsides of implementing a free online booking tool into your business strategy. So before you make a decision on whether to get one or not do consider these drawbacks. Let’s get into the subject in more detail.

free online scheduling tool

No Traction or Analysis

What may be considered one of the most important features of online scheduling software is absent in free versions of those. That means that you will not be able to collect data in order to analyze it by the end of each month. When you do have it, based on the report you can try to implement certain changes into your bookings data. It can change the whole course of your work and make it run much more smoothly and efficiently. Without it the process either gets slowed down considerably or cannot go through at all.   

No Customization

Most of the time free online scheduling tools do not allow you to customize anything. You are given a simple template to work with and cannot change any parts of it to suit your liking. With Flexbooker, on the other hand, lets you fully customize every email and SMS text message that gets sent to your customers

The booking form can also be changed.You can edit its fields, add custom ones, decide what information is required for displaying. This gives you full control over how communication is set through the tool. That is extremely important for your brand-maintaining.

Limited Bookings Allowed

Free online scheduling tools can take a very limited number of bookings for your small business. That limits your possibilities. What’s worse, after the limit is met it basically stops functioning and you go back to the same problems that led you to download the tool in the first place. It defeats the whole purpose of taking the time to employ a free online scheduling tool. That is why it makes sense to invest in a more sustainable tool. Find a suitable pricing for you and let your online bookings work for you – not against you.

No Promos or Special Offers 

Online booking software can be very helpful when used properly. It gives you the possibility to set up promotions for certain time slots or make special offers for most loyal customers. A monthly analysis of your bookings will help you identify your loyal customers. Promotions are able to attract much more customers and keep your loyal ones content with your services. So make sure to get a tool that offers both and can consequently drive your sales.

This concludes the downsides a free online scheduling tool has. Think those through carefully before you decide on whether you should implement such a tool into your business strategy. Remember that a good, truly useful tool always comes with a price. The ones that come for free ones require more of your time and effort.

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