Barber Booking System Tips to Increase Sales

As a barber, has your shops’ performance been stagnant recently? Every business faces time periods like this. It is hard, especially for barbers, because the industry is very competitive. So what can you do to start increasing your sales? In this blog post, we will focus on how a barber booking system, with some tips and tricks, can help you achieve exactly this.

barber booking system

Install Your System

Having a booking system in place can already increase your sales within a short period of time. People appreciate the easiness. When a customer comes face to face with your business online, they will be able to easily book an appointment with you. No need for calling, emailing, or physically coming to you to secure a spot in your schedule.

Look at Your Performance

A barber booking system should send you daily and monthly reports. Daily reports will basically summarize your day in terms of your schedule. However, monthly reports will give you a more detailed look at your performance. In your monthly report, you will be able to see information like your most popular appointment type, best employee, most popular booking time, etc. This information can help you put together a strategy to increase your sales. From this report, you will know exactly in which areas you are falling behind, and you can begin to fix it.

For example, your report will show which days you don’t perform as well as others. Think of some marketing ideas to really push for those days. You can begin to offer special discounts or special appointment types for those specific dates to boost your activity.

Use Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to market your business. We definitely advise you to advertise your practice on Facebook, since it will help you reach a very large audience. Your barber booking system should allow you to add a “book now” button directly onto your Facebook page. This way, when a customer visits your profile, they can click on the button and be immediately redirected to your scheduling form. From this little trick, you will definitely see an increase in sales.

Set up Automated Reminders

A good scheduling system will allow you to set up automated reminders. On the day of the scheduled appointment, your customer will receive a little reminder that they have an appointment today, at this specific time. This reminder can be in the form of a text message or an email. Take full advantage of this feature. It can drastically reduce the number of no-shows to appointments. The message in the reminder is completely up to your customization.

In this blog post, we discussed some barber booking system tips that can help you increase your sales. Simply installing a booking system is already a step in the right direction, however, there are many features available that will help you achieve your goal even faster. Personalized performance reports, Facebook integration, and automation features are only a few features that will help you fulfill your business goals.

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