Why Free Online Appointment Scheduling is a Bad Idea

You may be thinking that a free online appointment scheduling system can be enough for you and your business. Sure, a small business with a limited budget can somewhat make use of a free version, however, even in this case, they will be missing out on some great features. Besides the standard scheduling, a paid system offers you various tools that will help you push your business and your sales upward. In this blog post, we will discuss why you shouldn’t settle for a free scheduling system. Let’s begin.

free online appointment scheduling

Are There Enough Booking Slots?

A free online appointment scheduling system will have a limited amount of slots it offers you for your bookings. Imagine how inconvenient this is for both you and your customers. You will not be able to provide a majority of your customers with your service. This reason alone should be enough for you to seriously consider getting a paid version of the system.

Judge a Book by Its Cover

How do you think a free online appointment scheduling software makes money? You guessed it; through advertisements. So imagine when you install the system, those advertisements will appear directly on your web page. This can look very displeasing to the eye, especially to your customer. Numerous advertisements on a web page are very distracting, and it can take away from your website design as a whole. The saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, because we have content thrown at us daily, it is important to be able to stand out look-wise. Third-party advertisements will do just that- tarnish your look.

You Won’t Get Insight Into Your Business

A free online appointment scheduling system does not give you the tools necessary to see how your business is doing, or its overall performance. This is a great feature that comes with paid versions. You will receive monthly reports that show your overall bookings, what your most popular appointment type is, busiest hours,  best employee, etc. All this information can help you build a better strategy for your business. A scheduling system is like an all-in-one tool that should be an essential part of your day to day business.

Are Your Clients Safe?

A free system could potentially compromise your clients and their personal and financial information. A free system is less likely to be as secure as a paid one. As soon as your customers provide you with their personal information, you become responsible for keeping it private. A free system puts you at risk of losing this data.

In this blog post, we discussed why settling for a free online appointment scheduling system is a bad idea. Without a doubt, a free system will limit your booking spots, as well as fill up your web page with unnecessary advertisements that are distracting and unappealing. In addition, you won’t be able to receive insights into your business performance. Worst case scenario, your customer data can be potentially compromised with a system that is not secure. We hope these reasons are enough for you to reconsider.

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