How a Barber Booking System Can Boost Your Sales for the Holidays

The winter holidays are just around the corner. This is arguably the busiest time of the year for any type of business. People want to look good for the new year, and this is where your services come in. As a barber, you are probably dealing with the last bookings for the year, and this can get a bit hectic. In this blog post, we will discuss how a barber booking system can help you boost sales for the holidays, while simultaneously keeping you organized and efficient. Let’s get to it.  

barber booking system

Customer Loyalty Program

You want to install a barber booking system which will send you monthly reports. These monthly reports will give you valuable information which you can use to your advantage; i.e. come up with marketing and sales tactics for your business. Your monthly reports will show who your returning (loyal) customers are. Your loyal customers are an important segment of your business, so make sure you treat them with special care. As an example, you can offer them special services or deals for the holidays. This will make them feel valued and ensure that they come and make use of your services.  A customer loyalty program will motivate your customers to keep returning to you, which will eventually boost your overall sales.

Holiday Discounts

The holiday season is also sales season! These two definitely go hand in hand. Make use of this and offer customers discounted services, or even a bundle of services for a special price. You can use your barber booking system to get this message across. A good discount on a service will attract old and new customers alike. However, make sure that your discounts differ from your customer loyalty incentives.  

Use Your Facebook Page

In this day and age, almost any business you can think of has a Facebook page. Facebook is truly a great way to introduce your business to a new customer base while keeping your present customers updated. On your page, you can post about your holiday deals and promote them to your audience. A good barber booking system will allow you to incorporate a “book now” button directly on your business’ profile. This way, your customers can quickly book an appointment with you, without the need to look for your phone number or other contact information.

Flexible Scheduling

Your scheduling system will allow you to design a schedule that suits you and your needs. For the holidays, you may see an increase in demand for your barber services. In this case, you can add more working hours to your schedule, and add some additional slots for the weekend. This will ultimately boost your sales. A scheduling system will help you correctly ration out additional appointments. This way, you can take in more customers and not completely overwork yourself.

In this blog post, we discussed ways to use a barber booking system to boost your sales for the holiday season. Make sure to take advantage of the tools offered by your system.

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