How to Choose a Barbershop Booking System

With multiple options available, you may be wondering how to choose the correct booking system. Especially if you run a barbershop, you want to have a system that is reliable and efficient. In this blog post, we will list the features you should look for when opting for a barbershop booking system. These features will not just help you maintain organization, but they will also help you make better business decisions. Let’s get right to it.

barbershop booking system

Know Your Business Inside-Out

When choosing a barbershop booking system, you want to make sure your system doesn’t just simply show you your bookings for the day and week. This is definitely a good start if you’re simply aiming to organize yourself better. However, certain software actually sends you more detailed reports with valuable information relating to your business. You receive these reports on a monthly basis, and they cover everything from hours worked, most popular appointment type, returning customers, busiest days to the best employee.

Once you have this insight into your business, you can use this information for new sales and marketing strategies. You will also be able to see what areas your business is lagging in, and work towards improving those with a well-thought-out plan.

Automation is Key

Look for a barbershop booking system that will allow you to easily automate key functions. Here are some examples. You can set up automated reminder emails or text messages. Simply write up an outreach message, and the system will automatically send them out on the day your customers have booked appointments. You and your customers will appreciate this. Sometimes, people book appointments far in advance. A reminder message will drastically decrease your no-shows.

Another example of an automated feature is an online payment option. With some quick installation, you can receive credit card payments for your services. Make sure that your system allows you to integrate all major credit cards. You can also authorize your system to charge a no-show fee on those people who do not make it to their appointments or fail to cancel.

Easy Integration

A good barbershop booking system should not make its setup a long and difficult process. You want a system that you can easily integrate directly onto your website. From that point, you decide on the layout, the fill-in form and what information you need from your customers. Facebook integration is also a plus; some scheduling platforms provide that option.  

In short, this blog post discussed exactly what to look for when choosing a barbershop booking system. With various platforms on the market, you want to look for a system that will do more than just keep your schedule organized. This is why we summarized three key features that you may find very helpful for your day to day activities, and your business overall. Monthly reports will give you valuable information regarding your overall performance. This will help you make better decisions in the future. Automation and easy integration will lift some weight off your shoulders. A good system will be helpful, and won’t become a burden.

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