5 Great Facebook Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Facebook is a powerful platform to use for the promotion of your business. This is especially true for small businesses. Their relative flexibility and authenticity allows them to be more mobile and open to conversation. To take advantage of this tool to the fullest you can consider the following 5 Facebook marketing ideas for small businesses. Let’s dive in.

facebook marketing ideas for small businesses

Page Design

Having a thought-out layout is crucial in attracting customers. It’s the first thing your customer will notice. Your cover photo and profile picture create a sense of a brand that makes people interested in getting to know it better. You can design professional looking cover and profile graphics using Canva or some other free tool available online.

Go LIVE with your product

This Facebook feature allows you to build a closer relationship with your customers. Using it you can answer their questions, or show them around your office, introduce your staff, etc. But remember that with live videos you have to always plan it out, check your audio and video set-up beforehand. Think of what exactly you are going to show your followers and how you are going to engage them.

Create limited offers

Facebook lets you create a special offer – a discount, a coupon, free shipping – whatever you can think of. This can be done either for free or as a paid campaign. In case of a paid ad your offer will be shown to other people who might potentially click and become your clients. The latter brings us to the next bullet point of our list of Facebook marketing ideas for small businesses.  

Targeting and timing

Learning how to target customers for a Facebook ad is extremely important for the success of your campaign. You need to analyze the data you have to figure out the average age, sex, location and interests of your target audience. Using this information you can now narrow down the ad display to only those who will be most interested in your product or service. It’s all about being relevant, so make sure to experiment with timing and scheduling of your posts and ad campaigns. There is no golden formula for this and it all depends on your target audience.

Make friends with local brands

The sole purpose of inbound marketing is building such a strong relationship with you customers that they will be willing to promote your business. But not only customers can be promoters. Think of other small businesses in your local area – who could be a good marketing partner for you?  There are plenty of things you could do for each other: collaborate on a joint Facebook campaign, create ‘call-to-action’ posts asking customers to check out the partner business, run events together and so on.

That wraps up FlexBooker’s 5 Facebook marketing ideas for small businesses you can try to grow your Facebook following. Work on these ideas, engage your audience, try to think out of the box and make sure to track and measure every step of the way.