How to Boost Spa Website Traffic

Leveraging the web by creating a website for your spa business is crucial nowadays. Knowing how to boost spa website traffic for maximum result is even more important. There are plenty of marketing strategies to generate more quality traffic. In this blog post we will highlight the ones that come in handy the most.

how to boost spa website traffic

Be Present Online

One of the most efficient ways to boost spa website traffic is to always have it displayed on your social media profiles. The more popular your social media profile, the more people will follow the link to your website. That is why you need to keep the content flowing and make it engaging. Post “before” and “after” pictures of customers, go LIVE and show your followers around the spa salon, list offers on your Facebook page.

Keep It Simple and Fast

Your web page design is extremely important. According to Hubspot statistics, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. For creating a professional looking website you can use Wix or another similar free tool. Not only looks matter, though. 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load. So make sure your website is user friendly and mobile optimized, as a lot of potential spa customers make decisions on the go.

Make It Easy To Book Online

Online booking is becoming essential in our technology-filled world. People find it more convenient to just enter their information online and book a place at restaurants, theaters and spa salons – they are no exception. That is why you should be prepared to provide such service using a reliable, simple and secure tool. Flexbooker makes it easy for the customer to schedule their appointment. With this tool customers will be able to select exactly what type of Spa service they need, which master they prefer and, of course, the most suitable time for them.


As a local business, you can boost spa website traffic with cross-marketing and networking techniques. Use your local community’s power to spread a word not only in terms of foot traffic but also for your website. Partner with other local businesses and promote each other on social media platforms, run events together, share each other’s content on Facebook. Your customer base can significantly grow with these campaigns.

Viral Videos

Nowadays you see beauty-related videos all over the internet. To keep up, start a youtube channel giving some makeup, hairdo and other Spa-service related tutorials. Upload the videos straight to your own website and Facebook. For Instagram, edit the video to create a shorter version. When the video is shared anywhere else besides your main website, always add a link to it.

There a hundreds of ideas that can help you boost spa website traffic but we find this list to mark the most useful ones. Use them and make educated decisions to grow your Spa business.