Growing Your Business With Online Scheduling Software for Hair Salons

flexbooker online appointment scheduling tool for hair salons
Today no business can thrive without a solid web presence and hair salons are no exception. It all starts with a simple website but doesn’t end there. A lot of small businesses have websites and don’t really know how to make good use of them. Surely, a website can add credibility to your business and provide useful information about working hours and services. But why not go a step further and turn your website visitors into paying customers? With a simple online scheduling software for hair salons you can start generating real life revenue from your website.

What is an online scheduling software for hair salons?

It is a small widget installed on your website where you upload your schedule and service types and start accepting online bookings.

It usually requires little to no technical knowledge so that entrepreneurs like you do not have trouble implementing it on their own. This widget can provide the convenience of online appointment booking to potential customers and even serve as a schedule management tool for your entire hair salon.

Your website has a significant business potential which you can use to stand out from competition and provide added value for your customers. Here’s how.

Online appointment scheduling even while sleeping

Imagine having a 24/7 administrator at your hair salon who would set appointments and answer phone calls non-stop. It probably is not something you can and would afford, is it? But with an online scheduling software for hair salons your customers will be able to book appointments whenever wherever. It’s that easy.

Automated customer service

Save time and energy by delegating appointment confirmations and reminders to your online scheduling software. With automatic email and sms communication, you will be able to reduce no-shows and maintain good relationships with clients. This tool is also handy when you need to cancel or modify a whole day or week, so that you don’t have to notify customers one by one.

Powerful analytics data

With an online scheduling software for hair salons, you can get real life data on the most popular service type, the most booked time slot and hair stylist. All of this information can become a marketing treasure in the right hands. You can start promoting low traffic time slots offering discounts or maybe increase the price for prime time slots. There’s so much you can do!

Automated waitlist management

Keep your schedule full at all times and maximize revenue by offering automated waitlists to your customers. This is a great feature especially for holidays and special occasions when you are sure to have lots of bookings.

Online scheduling software for hair salons can solve a lot of problems and become a new sales channel for your business. There are tons of tools available, but it’s best to start with a simple yet multifunctional software that you can try for free and that does not require much technical knowledge.