Best Salon Software With Free Trial

Choosing the right salon software is crucial for the rapid growth of your business and the quality of the services you provide. Implementing the method of trial and error yourself is not really the best way to find the ones that suit you just right. Many businesses have already tested a great number of softwares and you simply need to evaluate their reviews in order to find the best ones for your salon. We have made the job easier for you by assembling a list the most useful salon softwares with a free trial.

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Accounting Software – QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a great accounting solution that offers a range of features for small businesses like nail, hair or spa salons. It is a simple tool to work with and one that is very handy. It automates tasks, making accounting easier to manage. This accounting salon software lets you skip most of the tedious manual work. It syncs data from bank and credit card transactions, categorizes expenses, sends bill payment reminders and many more. Accounting software can be a very useful tool for your salon.

Website Builder – Squarespace

In our digital era a business’ website is perceived by prospective customers as its face. And salons are no exception. You can find free tools on the web to help you build one. But if you do agree with the importance of how a website looks and functions you should opt for this website builder. Their templates are a professional and beautiful way of presenting your ideas online. One more important thing to mention – it optimizes your website for mobile use. Nowadays many people load websites from mobile phones. If your salon’s website happens to be not suited for them, prospective clients may just bounce off.

Online Scheduling Software – Flexbooker

This online booking software is a game changer for your salon. It provides you with easy schedule and client management, lets your website collect bookings without any breaks. Flexbooker even comes with online payment services for the bookings. This feature is valued highly by many clients and lack of it can be a deal-breaker for many.  

This salon software also sends you data reports monthly for you to analyze your bookings and figure out your weak and strong points. All of these attributes can help grow your business in a solid way.

Social Media Management Platform – Buffer

Buffer is a great digital tool for social media management. It is simple in use, offers free and paid plans and lets you conveniently control all your social media accounts. If you do online marketing, and you definitely should, it is a must-have salon software. Depending on your clientele and what times they are most likely to use social media, schedule your posts on those platforms using Buffer. Its another advantage is the ability to analyze your social media activity, presented to you in a single dashboard.

This sums up our list of best salon softwares with a free trial. We reckon all of them to be of great help in making your salon business grow.

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