5 Quick Tips For Nail Salon Online Scheduling

A nail salon online scheduling tool can be rather useful to promote your business and acquire new customers. It lets you manage your busy schedule, take online payments, send reports on how your services are doing and many more handy features. You can make the most out of this tool implementation by using our following 5 quick tips. Let’s get into it.

nail salon online scheduling software

Constant Availability

Nail salons are one of those businesses that handle a lot of phone calls on a constant basis. This means that often times a customer calls into a busy line, does not leave a message and then never calls you back. A nail salon online scheduling tool will work for you 24/7 though and collect as many bookings as will be required. So do get a software with no quota on the number of bookings – not to lose any booking opportunity.

Manage Waitlists

Nail Salon schedules are usually erratic and rather difficult to manage. In turn, customers squeeze the appointments in their busy schedules as well. Often their free times tend to be similar, like a lunch break, for instance, and many do not manage to book it due to the popular demand. For such cases Flexbooker nail salon online scheduling tool offers an option of signing up for a waitlist in case the initial clients cancels or moves the booking. This feature will prove to be useful not only to your customers but also you – make sure to use it.

flexbooker nail salon online scheduling tool

Choose Services

With a nail salon online scheduling software like Flexbooker you will be provided with an opportunity to choose which of your services to make available for an online booking. This will give you freedom in customizing your service offers online the very way you want. Which is not the case of many other online booking solutions on the market.

Create Promos

Flexbooker collects bookings data, analyzes it and sends you monthly reports. This is done so that you get the clearest picture possible of how your business is doing in terms of bookings. The report lets you detect the days on which you get the least and the most traffic. For the not-so-popular days you could offer customers discounts in order to attract more people to your nail salon. Another information the scheduling tool can provide you with is a list of your most loyal customers. To whom you, too, could give out special offers. It is one of the best ways to keep your clients happy.

Online Payments

Online Payments come with a nail salon online scheduling tool. This feature allows your clients to pay for the booking beforehand in a fast and secure way. In case of cancellation money will safely be delivered back.

Many find an online payment option a must and opt for services that do provide it over those that do not. Offering such a service is a right step forward in our digital era.

This concludes our 5 quick tips on nail salon online scheduling. Using all of those will drive your nail salon’s sales and make the number of your clients grow.

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