3 Major Benefits of a Law Firm Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Law firms are often in need of re-thinking their strategy in order to attract more clients, make it run more smoothly and productively. A tool that can help them greatly in these endeavors is a law firm online appointment scheduling software. Wondering why? In this blog post we will highlight three reasons why we think this tool will be of great use for your law firm.

Law Firm Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Reduce Number of No-Shows

First, a law firm online appointment scheduling software comes with certain features that are able to help you reduce cancellations. It sends out automated SMS and email reminders for clients not to forget an appointment in the midst of their busy schedules.

Flexbooker gives your clients the opportunity to modify their bookings themselves, too. So instead of canceling because of a change of plans, they will be able to easily reschedule the appointment for another more suitable time.

A secure online payment feature also reduces the number of cancellations. Once a customer decides to take a step further in the booking process by paying for your law firm services beforehand, they become much less inclined to cancel the booking.

So not only do you have to attract customers, but you also have to keep the ones acquire.

Manage Your Schedule and Save Time

A law firm has to always be up to date with all its appointments. To do so effectively it needs a good online appointment scheduling software. Flexbooker will provide you with a list of your day’s appointments in your choice of alerting: it can send an email, text message or let you print your schedule.

An online booking system can also help you save your and your staff’s time. They will no longer be required to stay on the phone for hours to write down appointments. You can think of it as a money-saver too, as your staff will be able to do something more useful and benefit-giving for your business.

Analyze Your Performance

Flexbooker is an online booking tool that collects your law firm’s booking data, analyzes it and sends your reports on it monthly. This feature is incredibly valuable as it provides you with important insights. The statistics you will get in the report let you get a grip on your business’ actions and change them in case need arises.

A popular and effective way of filling in the least booked time slots (a list of which Flexbooker’s report will give you) is creating special offers for them. That might not be a frequent practice in law firms but it is suitable for some of the services you offer. Think out of the box on this topic and you will surely think of a way to implement this idea into your business strategy.

This sums up the three major benefits of integrating a law firm online appointment scheduling software into your plan of actions. It saves you time, effort and money. It lets you work on your downsides by highlighting them. And finally, it reduces the number of cancellations and brings the number of bookings up.