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Accept Appointments Right On Your Website

Your clients never have to leave your website to book an appointment. Once they book, they can change or cancel their appointments on any device, instead of calling your office.

Our easy-to-install booking form can be placed on any website in seconds. The FlexBooker booking widget automatically detects the type of device your customer is visiting from, and adapts the layout to provide them with the easiest booking experience.

Don't have a website? No problem, we also provide a customizable hosted booking page that your customers can use.
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Unbelievably Easy Schedule Management

You decide exactly what appointment types and times to make available for online booking. Powerful recurring schedules make set up super fast, but still tweakable in minute detail.

The color-coded calendar makes it easy to know your schedule at all times.

Calendar Integrations

Do you use Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Apple Calendar? FlexBooker syncs in both directions to instantly push all appointments to all your external calendars, and also to pull your events from them into FlexBooker and blocks off your availability for them automatically.

FlexBooker can also push your appointments to almost much any external calendar through staff iCal feeds. These can be consumed by Outlook, iPhone, Android, and pretty much anything else!

Automation Works for You

Let FlexBooker do the tedious work of schedule management:

  • Send out automated SMS and email appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.
  • Let your clients modify or cancel bookings by themselves.

Need to cancel a whole day, time, or appointment session? We'll take care of alerting your affected clients.

Daily Recap Every Morning

Every morning, before 6AM, FlexBooker will send you a recap of all bookings and cancellations from the last 24 hours, along with a handy list of your current bookings for the next week.

It's a great way to keep track of your schedule while enjoying your morning coffee!

Client Management

Keep track of critical metrics:

  • What's my busiest appointment type?
  • Who is my most productive employee?
  • Which clients book the most?

FlexBooker can answer all these questions and more.

You can also download a live client report to use with your favorite e-mail marketing system to drive repeat business.

Online Payments

With FlexBooker, you can easily take online credit card payments for your bookings.

You can choose to take a payment at the time your client books, or just authorize the credit card for a no-show fee in case your client doesn't show up.

You choose exactly how much to charge your clients, and can apply that price across your whole schedule or customize it for specific times or appointment types.
FlexBooker integrates with all major credit cards.

Fully Customizable

Every e-mail and SMS text message that goes out to your customers from FlexBooker is completely customizable. Use our powerful HTML editor to create branded confirmation and reminder emails.

The booking form can also be customized. Edit fields, add custom fields, decide which information is required. Everything can be changed to suit your business.

Automatic Time Zone Conversion

Do you have clients in different time zones? FlexBooker removes the complexity of dealing with different time zones. Your clients will see your available times, and receive confirmations and reminders, in their time zone automatically.

Everything will still be in your calendar in your own time zone. FlexBooker does the conversions for you behind the scenes.
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