Online Bookings for Personal Trainers

Quick and easy online appointments for your clients

Are you having to continuously check your voicemail and call back your clients to arrange sessions? It's no fun, and it's a real waste of time that you could otherwise be spending working with your clients. And it's not enjoyable for them either. They would love a way to book simply online, without having to guess when you might be available.

The right online booking system can save you literally hours of wasted time every single week, and can drive new business by making it so easy for your potential clients to book a session with you.

With a powerful booking form on your own website, displaying your real-time availability for different types of session, your customers will have an easy means of scheduling an available time. That's one less excuse for them not to work out with you, too.

What is FlexBooker?

FlexBooker is an online solution that makes it easy for you to accept and manage bookings for your business.

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