Online Bookings for Massage Therapists

Quickly set appointments with automatic reminders to reduce no-shows

Your past or potential clients come to your website and like what they see. They want to book a massage with you. However, they would like to know when you offer which services, and when their favorite therapist is available. The old way of handling this is to hope they call you, and then hope that if you're busy serving another client that they leave you a message. And then you call them back, and you hope they pick up. Even after you get a hold of each other on the phone, there's the inevitable time it takes deciding when both of you are available.

This is what makes an online booking system so wonderfully useful for massage therapists. In just a few clicks of a button your clients can see exactly when you are available, and book that time. You will get a email notifying you of the new booking, and they will get email and text message reminders to make sure they remember to show up.

What is FlexBooker?

FlexBooker is an online solution that makes it easy for you to accept and manage bookings for your business.

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