Flexbooker Pro Wait List App Features

Wait list management made easy with Flexbooker Pro. Track walk-ups, monitor waiting times, and alert customers through our easy-to-use interface.

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Super Simple Wait List Setup

Getting started with Flexbooker Pro is easy. Simply enter your business’ capacity and how long each customer generally spends in the store. Let us know if you want to allow advanced reservations or accept walk-up customers only, then you’re ready to start adding customers to your wait list!

If you decide to allow advanced reservations, you're completely in control with the Flexbooker Pro wait list app. Set the hours you’ll accept reservations, the number of people you’ll take, and how many reservations you want per time slot.

Easy Wait List Management & Capacity Tracking

Flexbooker Pro allows you to view waiting customers, track their wait time, and message them when they can enter your business. If your business is operating under limited capacity, track the number of people in your store and monitor the customers on the wait list. The Flexbooker wait list app also tells you how many advanced reservations you have coming up so you have a perfect snapshot of your business' capacity at any time.

Add New Walk-Ups and Reservations

Add new reservations and walk-up customers through the intuitive wait list app interface. Save the customer’s name, the party size, their phone number, and any additional notes or special requests directly in Flexbooker Pro for easy reference later.

Customers can also manage their own reservations. Flexbooker Pro can be integrated into your current store app or website, where customers can see the current wait, add themselves to the wait list, or schedule a time to visit your business.

Designed for Gyms, Retail Stores, Small Business Owners, and More

The Flexbooker Pro wait list app makes managing your business easier, while improving customer service at your store as well. Gyms, retail stores, DMVs, and small businesses all benefit from Flexbooker Pro’s simple, intuitive wait list app to track capacity and manage walk-ups and reservations.
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