Online Meetings Integrations

Harness the power of remote video meetings, with automatically created meeting links included in your confirmation and reminder emails and text messages.

Meeting Links Added Automatically

Using our integration with either Zoom or GoToMeeting, when a client books online, FlexBooker automatically creates a meeting invite and includes it in the booking confirmation and reminder emails and text messages that your client receives.

Every booking will create a unique meeting ID, so that only the client who booked their appointment with you will be able to join the meeting.

Serve your clients from anywhere

Your clients can make appointments with you online from anywhere, and now you can serve them remotely, even from home!

FlexBooker will handle sending reminder emails and text messages out to make sure your clients know exactly what they need to do to join the online video meeting.

Even Take Payment for Online Video Appointments

With FlexBooker, you can integrate payments into your appointment scheduling flow, and take credit card payments when people book online, even for remote video calls!

After your client pays for the appointment, FlexBooker will then create the video meeting, and send out the links automatically!

Customer Testimonials

FlexBooker is the perfect solution for any business that offers appointments, classes, facilities, or services to its customers.

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