Online Bookings for Photographers

Simple appointments, right from your website

Weddings, birthdays, engagement photos, family reunions... the life of a photographer is hectic. In between events and shoots you're on the phone and checking emails, going back and forth with your potential and upcoming customers to arrange times and manage scheduling conflicts.

There is an easier way! With an online booking system, you publish your availability to your customers and they choose the appointment they want.

The perfect online booking system will also offer you great perks like automated text message reminders to your clients (so they won't forget a shoot) and wait list so that you can keep your appointments full, even when there's a cancellation.

What is FlexBooker?

FlexBooker is an online solution that makes it easy for you to accept and manage bookings for your business.

Online Bookings

Your booking widget can be placed on any website, anywhere you want it. It automatically detects the type of device your customer is using to display perfectly on a desktop, tablet or phone.

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Reduce no-shows

We'll automatically remind your customers about upcoming appointments via SMS text message and e-mail. While you're busy with your customers, FlexBooker works to keep your schedule filled.

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Simple, powerful

Under the covers FlexBooker is a powerful tool for your business. Easily charge for bookings, or even authorize a credit card for a no-show fee. There's also a fully automated wait list system built right in.

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