Why You Should Use Flexbooker to Schedule GoToMeeting & Zoom Meetings

Whether you’ve been taking online appointments for years or are just beginning to offer your clients the option to meet with you online, you know that managing these remote appointments can be a hassle. Coordinating with clients, remembering to send reminders, setting up a GoToMeeting or Zoom link, and troubleshooting with a client can waste you and your staff’s precious time and resources. 

Fortunately, scheduling online meetings doesn’t have to be a headache. Flexbooker is excited to announce that our simple, easy-to-implement online scheduling software can now be integrated with Zoom and GoToMeeting, making it easy for your clients to schedule an online meeting with you at their convenience. 

Online GoToMeeting & Zoom Meeting Scheduling with Flexbooker

Integrate with Existing Software

Flexbooker goes far beyond a traditional scheduling tool. Our app and widget easily integrate with your existing software, allowing clients to book GoToMeeting or Zoom appointments with you online with just a few clicks. Once their appointment is confirmed, your client will receive a link to your meeting room along with setup instructions so they can seamlessly log on the day of their meeting. 

Send GoToMeeting and Zoom Appointment Reminders

Tired of dealing with no-shows? Flexbooker will automatically send appointment reminders through email or SMS to your clients leading up to their meeting, so it doesn’t slip their mind and waste your time. These messages can be customized, allowing you to send information to help clients troubleshoot any GoToMeeting or Zoom setup uncertainties.

Create Unique GoToMeeting and Zoom Meeting IDs Automatically

We know you don’t want different clients ending up in the same meeting room at one time. When your client books a meeting through Flexbooker, they’ll each receive a unique, customized meeting ID that will only work for them, only at the time of the appointment. These unique IDs will be saved both in your and the client’s calendar invite for easy access. 

Switching to online meetings could bring on a new set of scheduling stressors, but Flexbooker is here to make online appointment setting a breeze for you and your customers.  Learn more about our online meeting integrations, schedule a demo, or start your 14-day free trial today!

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