How to Use a Barber Booking System for More Sales

As a barbershop, one of your main goals is to maximize your sales, i.e. attract as many customers as possible. This is especially important, given that the service is highly competitive, and there are many other barbershops a customer can be swayed towards. This objective can be reached in various ways. Today, this blog post will specifically focus on how a barber booking system can help you achieve your sales goals.

barbershop booking system

Keep Your Appointments in Order

Your customers are your number one priority. A good barber booking system is exactly what you need to keep your customers happy, and yourself organized. With the help of this tool, you will be able to stay on top of all your appointments. And it will leave little room for double booking or any other scheduling mistakes. When you have your booking tool in place, your customers can visit your website, see when you have available time slots, and register for a specific one. As soon as the customer registers, the time slot will become unavailable to others. You have control over how many appointments you offer in a day. The system itself will notify you when an appointment has been booked, and if a customer has canceled. Efficiency and organization are key to boosting sales, so invest in a tool that will help you out on a daily basis.

Special Offers on Slow Days

Your barber booking system will send you reports, which capture the number of bookings you’ve had over a period of time. In some cases, you may see that some days you have more bookings than others. If you notice a certain pattern, you can come up with marketing tactics that will help boost sales on those “slow days”. As an example, you can offer a special discount on a day or time slot that doesn’t get booked as often as the others. This will create an incentive for the customer to book the appointment. Another example is adding time slots later in the evening. This could work well for customers with a busy schedule, who can’t make time for an appointment during the day. In any case, you can try this out. And your next report will show whether you should continue offering appointments later in the evening or not.

Advertise on Facebook

In addition to receiving reports, your barber booking system offers a variety of other tools that can be used to your advantage. You can add a booking button directly onto your Facebook business page. This is especially convenient if you do most of your advertising through Facebook. A “book now” button can act as a link directly to your website where customers can easily sign up for an appointment.
In short, a barber booking system is exactly what you need to attract more customers and boost your sales. It helps you remain organized. A good booking system will also generate a report. It will give you a snapshot of how you’re doing and how you can better your practices.  

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