How to Use Auto Repair Online Scheduling

If you run an auto repair shop, you may have found yourself in situations where you’ve forgotten about a customer, you’ve overbooked your day, you’ve overworked yourself, or maybe even double-booked a time slot. These things do happen from time to time. However, there are many ways through which you can keep yourself more organized and more efficient. Here, we will discuss how an auto repair online scheduling platform can help you achieve just that. Let’s begin.

auto repair online scheduling

Integrate the System on your Website

The first step to using an auto repair online scheduling platform is to integrate it into your website. This is a very easy step that will not take much of your time. As soon as you have the layout figured out as well as the fields your customers need to fill out, you are good to put your scheduling system to the test.

Some scheduling platforms also allow you to integrate it into your Facebook business profile. This means that on your business’s Facebook page, you can add a “book now” button which will redirect your customers to your scheduling page. This will ensure that the customer doesn’t spend too much time looking for ways to schedule an appointment with you.

Plan Your Working Hours

You have the complete freedom to choose how many hours a day you work, as well as how many appointments you offer in a day. As soon as you set up your schedule, your customers will be able to book within your constraints. Upon booking an appointment, the slot automatically becomes unavailable to anyone else. This will ensure that there is no double booking.


Take advantage of the automation features that your auto repair online scheduling platform offers you. Here is an example. You can send automated reminders to your customers about an appointment they have booked. You would simply have to draft up an outreach message, and your system will automatically send it out on the day of the appointment. This can either be an email or a text message, depending on your or your customers’ preferences.

You can also receive automated reports every morning. They will show you your bookings for the day, as well as any cancellations made within the last 24 hours.

Set up Online Payment Option

Set up an online payment option through your scheduling system. You can choose to take the payment once your customer books an appointment. You also have the option of charge a no-show fee on your customers. This will create an incentive for your customers to not miss their appointments, and for you, it will make up for lost time. Both you and your customer will benefit greatly from having an online payment option installed.

In this blog post, we discussed how to correctly use an auto repair online scheduling system. Your system can offer numerous features, but make sure to effectively use the ones that you need. Once you integrate and automate your system, you should be fully prepared to face your days without any scheduling issues.

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