Are You Tracking These Three Business Metrics?


When it comes to running and growing your small business, metrics matter. Website traffic, social media followers, quarterly budgets, revenue — all of this data is crucial for making informed decisions about staffing, services, and spending. Even with all of that, though, you still may be missing out on metrics that have a direct impact on you and your business.

But what more could you possibly track? How can you track it? Here, we’re sharing which business metrics you should be tracking, and how that’s all made possible through the features and automation that FlexBooker offers.

Key Business Metrics- Laptop with charts & metrics on the screen


Your busiest employees

Who works the most? Who works the least? Instead of pouring over complicated schedules and time-sheets, FlexBooker does the work for you. With this data, you can make better-informed decisions about:


  • Reducing or increasing your staff
  • Creating a more well-balanced schedule
  • Uncovering gaps in staffing, appointments, or services


You can also use this data to make more personal decisions, like which of your employees may be ready for a promotion or those who may be costing you money in unproductive work time. It’s also a chance to see who may need some time off to reduce employee stress and who can step up to take on more work.

Your most (and least) booked services

You may already have an educated guess about which of your services or appointment types are the most popular, but do you have the hard data to back it up? FlexBooker does. With it, you can make tons of decisions to boost your business or focus on areas that need a little more attention. Decisions like:


  • Adjusting your calendar to offer more of your popular appointment types
  • Hiring more employees who can perform those particular services
  • Deciding which services need more promotion and marketing, or possibly cut altogether


Knowing your most and least booked services can give you tons of insight on what’s working, what’s not, and how you can adapt along the way.

Which customers book the most

Every small business has its own list of regulars or loyalists, but now you can take that information even further with FlexBooker. Why is this information important? A couple of reasons. First, repeat customers typically spend 67% more than new customers. Second, you can learn lots about them, which can help spark creative ideas to grow your customer base even more. Here’s what we mean:


  • If you see a pattern in the types of customers who book most often with you, you can use that data to build a target audience for marketing and promotions.
  • Similarly, if you see a gap in the types of customers who aren’t booking with you, you can adjust your marketing campaigns to target them even more.
  • Reward your repeat customers by offering special discounts, a rewards program, or even a referral program


Customer retention is crucial for any business, so it’s important to spend a lot of time and effort into those who walk through your doors most often.

Track metrics and more with FlexBooker Scheduling Software 

We’ll be the first to admit that FlexBooker’s business metrics are really impressive, but the features don’t stop there. Our powerful scheduling software also does things like:


  • Automate your entire schedule
  • Send automated (and customized) SMS text and emails for appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups
  • Manage cancellations (in real-time) and adjusts schedules for you
  • Takes online payments
  • Generates automatic waitlists
  • …and much more!

Ready to start tracking and become more streamlined? Try FlexBooker free for 14 days — no credit card required!

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