Top 4 Features of a Barber Booking System

As a barber, you may notice at times that your schedule gets very dense, and occasionally, it becomes hard to keep up. There are various tools available on the market to help you handle your workload better. In this blog post, however, we will focus on a scheduling tool. A barber booking system can be a great addition to your practice. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 4 features of a good booking platform. Let’s get right into it.

barber booking system

Easy Integration and Customization

Two things you should look for in a barber booking system– easy integration and the ability to customize. When installing the system, you want it to easily integrate into your website. What you don’t want, is for your website and your scheduling page to look like completely separate entities. A good booking system will allow easy integration that will make your website very cohesive. In addition to this, you should be given the ability to customize your scheduling page. This means you can add or take out any fields you feel like are necessary/unnecessary. This way, you will have all the information you need about the customer, and your customers won’t spend too much time filling out information that is of no use.

Color Coordinating

A great feature of a barber booking system is color coordination. You can assign a certain color to a specific appointment type. This way, when you look at your calendar, you will be able to associate a color with an appointment type. Your calendar will automatically become more readable. This will ultimately make less room for confusion on your part.

Daily and Monthly Recaps

Daily and monthly reporting is arguably the best feature of a barber booking system. Here is how it works. You will receive daily reports at the same exact time. These reports will sum up your day; like how many appointments you have, who has canceled within the last 24 hours, etc. Your monthly reports, on the other hand, will be much more detailed and explanatory. These will contain information such as your most booked time slot, busiest days, most loyal customers. This information will help you see where your business is lacking. As soon as you acknowledge these issues, you can begin to work towards fixing them.

Automating Reminders

The last feature we will discuss is automated reminders. How many times have you had a client forget that they have booked an appointment with you? My guess is, this phenomenon happens quite often; more often than you would like. Your system gives you the ability to automate reminder messages intended for your clients. Here’s how it works. You simply draft up an outreach message, and your system will send it out on the day of the appointment, reminding your customer that they have booked at this time. The message can be either sent through email or text.  

To sum up, we discussed the top 4 features of a barber booking system– color coordinating, integration, daily/monthly recaps, and reminder automation. These tools will help you master your job.

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