Small Business Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing remains to be one of the most effective ways to connect with your customer. It certainly is one of the most difficult ways to do so but there are a few best practices that would help you avoid mistakes. Also these will help you make the best out of your small business email marketing. So let’s get on with it.

small business email marketing


Personalizing an email is extremely important. And you have to start with what customer sees first – subject line. Whether a customer will open your email depends greatly on how the subject line resonates with them. It, first and foremost, has to be short and simple. Try to summarize the whole thing into words that would catch the recipient’s attention and make them want to read the email. Use as few spammy-sounding words like “free” as you can.

Not only subject line matters, though. And that takes us to another small business email marketing practice.

Keep It Short

What comes to the email itself, be as concise as you can. People get dozens and dozens of emails every single day and they need to sort through them wasting as little time as possible. If you manage to lure them with your subject line and then spoil everything with long and tedious email they might not even want to open one of your emails again, expecting sloppy email marketing work.

Try to work on your formatting as well. Make the most important information highlighted and easy to find. This will allow your subscribers to read through the email fast and find relevant information easily.

Be Mobile-Friendly

To continue on the topic of simple email presentation, let’s talk about making sure your email is accustomed to mobile devices. Nowadays most people check their emails on smartphones. Pay attention to the size of text and images, formatting and if the email looks good on different types of smartphone operating systems. It is crucial that your customers do not have to struggle to view your email, otherwise, they will simply delete it and your marketing efforts will lead close to nothing.

Pay Attention to Unsubscribers

It is always important to give readers the option to unsubscribe. Marketing to readers who are not interested in your business or what you have to say is not an efficient way of using your resources. Especially if you are paying email marketing tools like MailChimp by the number of emails addresses.

Another downside is that people who do not want to follow your email content anymore but aren’t able to unsubscribe easily could start marking your emails as spam. Mailbox providers filter emails by the number of spam markings. If this happens it will result in less deliverability of your emails to the readers who are interested in your news, updates o promos.

Here are our 4 best small business email marketing practices listed for you. Explore them, try and see how they work for your small business. There are plenty of ways to go around email marketing, you just need to find what makes the most difference in a positive way for your company. So take educated chances.

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