Salon Manager’s Guide to Online Appointment Scheduling Software

There are certain tools that salon managers can implement into their business strategy in order to boost sales or better the quality of the service. Online appointment scheduling software is on the top of the list. It’s a pretty straightforward tool but if you want to make the best of it, you have to put effort into understanding its features and what additional benefit they can bring. In this blog post, we will guide you through an online booking tool and explain how it works. Let’s dive into the subject.

Online appointment scheduling software

Choose the Right Solution

This is the first and a crucial step in the process of implementing an online appointment scheduling software. Start with looking for such tools that offer you a free trial. With it, you can use the software at no charge and see if it suits your salon and its needs.

We also suggest you go for a paid version of an online booking software as its free alternative is not big on security, customization or data reports. They also provide you with a limited number of bookings, which can affect your business negatively when used up.

Setup Your Booking System

Besides the obvious information input and account creation for your staff, you should set up other important criteria. Start by customizing your booking software, making it fit into your salon’s website. It should look like a part of your website and not something externally acquired.

Then you should set up the automatic notifications that will be sent to your clients in case of cancellation of a booking or any other changes.

Another very important thing to set up is an online payment feature. You should connect it to your billing account and use its innate ability to apply discount codes.

Get to Know the Features

A good online appointment scheduling software has a very useful pack of features and you as a salon manager have to know all of them and find each the right use. Integrate the software, research the features, try them out and see how they affect your salon.

Ideally, a booking tool should have an easy schedule management, automated notifications, an online payment feature, customization, calendar integrations and data reports. Let’s talk about the last one more.

Analyze Data and Use it

One of the most useful features of an online booking software is the monthly data report. It collects all your bookings information, analyzes it and sends you a report. You can use it in order to find any lowlights of your business, least popular time slots, services or masters – things to work on. You can also find out more about your customers, receive some insights and use it for your targeted marketing. This feature has many applications and all of them bring you considerable benefit.

These sum up our 4 guidelines for an effective use of an online appointment scheduling software for a salon. Make sure to follow them when going through with the implementation and your business will experience considerable growth.

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