Why Your Retail Store Needs a Wait List App

Complicated lists, messy notebooks, impatient customers — these are things businesses know all too well when it comes to managing wait lists. These unorganized systems are not only time-consuming, but they can create a frustrating experience for everyone involved. 

But what if there was a way to streamline the entire wait list process and eliminate all the guesswork involved? Enter: FlexBooker Pro, the ultimate wait list solution for retailers. Learn more about why your retail store needs a wait list app below.

retail wait list app

Improve customer experience

Let’s face it: Waiting is never fun for customers. But not knowing how long they’ll have to wait can significantly hinder their entire experience. With a wait list app, you will be able to see an automated estimation of how long the wait is, so expectations are set from the very beginning.

Manage capacity limits

With many businesses operating at limited capacity due to COVID-19, it’s crucial to manage the number of customers allowed inside. With FlexBooker Pro, you’ll always have eyes on the number of customers already inside and those waiting for their turn, even synced across multiple entrances. That way, you can maintain social distancing and capacity limits and ensure your customers have a comfortable and safe experience. 

Streamline communication

Gone are the days when you have to frantically take down names in a notebook and wander through crowds yelling out names. With a wait list app, all communication happens through messages sent directly to customers’ phones. All you have to do is take the name, number, and party size, then send them a message when it’s their turn. 

Make room for walk-ups

Not everyone plans ahead, and it can be hard to turn down or lose spur-of-the-moment business. FlexBooker Pro helps with this in two ways. First, you can decide upfront whether to allow walk-ups or take reservations only. It can be tough to make this decision, but under current COVID-19 circumstances, it’s helpful to have that option. Second, if you do want to allow walk-ups, they can be integrated easily into the wait list. Our powerful scheduling software will do the work for you to ensure you have enough room for last-minute planners as well as those who made reservations ahead of time. 

Don’t wait to get FlexBooker Pro

If you’ve been searching for the perfect wait list solution, FlexBooker Pro is here. With our simple, streamlined set-up, you can have your wait list up and running in no time. All you have to do is enter your capacity, how long customers typically spend in your store, and whether you want to allow advanced reservations and walk-ups. After that, you can start adding people to your wait list right away!

If you’re ready to see our wait list app in action, try it free for 14 days or schedule a free demo with our team today.

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