How to Get More Online Appointment Scheduling Requests

Online appointment scheduling is rather convenient not only for clients of a business but also for their owners. Having a scheduling software on your website allows you to sell your services online rather than having customers to submit a request or call. It can help you make your time-management efficient, create new ways of attracting customers and provide added value to existing customers. Now to get more appointment requests on your website you have to take certain steps – the following 5 we find most useful.

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5 Great Facebook Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Facebook is a powerful platform to use for the promotion of your business. This is especially true for small businesses. Their relative flexibility and authenticity allows them to be more mobile and open to conversation. To take advantage of this tool to the fullest you can consider the following 5 Facebook marketing ideas for small businesses. Let’s dive in.

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Growing Your Business With Online Scheduling Software for Hair Salons

flexbooker online appointment scheduling tool for hair salons
Today no business can thrive without a solid web presence and hair salons are no exception. It all starts with a simple website but doesn’t end there. A lot of small businesses have websites and don’t really know how to make good use of them. Surely, a website can add credibility to your business and provide useful information about working hours and services. But why not go a step further and turn your website visitors into paying customers? With a simple online scheduling software for hair salons you can start generating real life revenue from your website. Continue reading “Growing Your Business With Online Scheduling Software for Hair Salons”