Online Scheduling Software Online Versus Offline

Many small businesses start out with simple offline scheduling, just writing down appointments in their notebook and trying to manage them in the right way. An online scheduling software is a great innovative alternative to this method of taking bookings. It comes with many useful features. They can not only help deal with appointments but also contribute to the development of your service business. In this blog post we will talk about the main differences between online and offline scheduling. Let’s dive into the subject.

online scheduling software

Scheduling Made Easy

With an online scheduling software a customer can choose whatever time slot suits him and create a booking. They are given the opportunity to register at any point in the day, unlike with offline scheduling that is available only during working hours. No more waiting on the phone for your clients. No more wasting time on doing something a software can do easily for your staff.

It Reduces No-Shows and Cancellations

Online scheduling software usually offers an online payment option. When customers make a step further in the booking process by paying for the service beforehand they become less inclined to canceling the appointment later.

Online booking tool also sends reminders to clients via SMS or email in order to alert them to the upcoming booking. This reduces the number of unattended time slots greatly.

Useful for Marketing

If you schedule appointments in your notebook you will get minimal information about your clients from it – their name, phone number and what service they would like to receive. With an online scheduling software, on the other hand, you can find out a lot about who your core audience is, what their interests and ages are. You can use this valuable information for targeted marketing on any of your social media profile pages.

You will also be able to find out the most and least popular time slots or services of yours and tune in another marketing strategy – promotions. By creating discounts for those unpopular slots you could drive traffic to them.

Customizable and Accessible

Your online scheduling tool has to fit into your website perfectly. Customers judge a business quickly and harshly by the looks of your website in general. In order to become a part of your web page an online booking software has to be fully customizable. Those usually are paid so make sure you get a free trial of it first and see how it suits your needs.

Another important part of customization is the ability to make the tool mobile-friendly. Many people nowadays do their bookings on the go, via their gadgets. So make sure your website and online scheduling software are adapted for any type of device. Otherwise, you may end up losing clients.

This concludes the 4 biggest differences between offline and online scheduling. The online version makes the process of scheduling easy, gives insights on your business, minimizes the number of cancellations and makes it simple to book an appointment whenever and on whatever device.

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