Online Scheduling Software Features You Can’t Do Without

Online appointment scheduling software gives your customers an opportunity to book appointments online easily. It offers you, as a small business owner, to analyze your bookings data. A good online booking tool enables businesses to manage their schedule and the appointments, integrate their calendars, set up offers for certain time slots. Those are some of the online scheduling software features you can’t do without. In this article we will elaborate on them as well as some others. Tune in.

online scheduling software features

Receiving Reports

This is one of the most useful and important features any tool can provide you with for driving your business’ growth. Flexbooker will send you reports on how your business is doing in terms of bookings. It will give you information on your most popular time slots and most loyal customers. As well as on what days or hours you get the least traffic. What you can do with this data brings us to the next online booking tool feature.

Creating Promo Offerings

For your most frequent bookers and users of your services you can give out special promo codes or other offers. This will keep your best customers happy as well as increase the likelihood of them suggesting your services to their friends and families. You can use the same method on the least popular days. Discounts will prompt clients to consider choosing them over more convenient time slots. This can also attract new customers as it creates an incentive for people to book your appointment.

Sending Appointment Notifications to Customers

It is not rare that a customer forgets that they have booked a session. With Flexbooker you are able to inform your clients that they have an upcoming appointment. The customer will also be informed in case of you having to cancel an appointment on them due to unforeseen circumstances, etc. A unique feature Flexbooker offers is the availability of signing up for a waitlist. A notification will alert a customer who did so in case the time slot he waitlisted for opens up.

Customizing The Schedule

This feature is rather beneficial to the productivity and efficiency of your business. For instance, if you wish to not offer any appointments on certain days or hours, you can customize your schedule so that those become unavailable for anyone to book. Another thing you are able to do is change the color coding of your schedule to sort through it with more ease.

Receiving Online Payments

Another resourceful feature Flexbooker offers is a secure and simple online payment procedure. It has been proven that when a customer pays in advance the probability of they will cancel the appointment lowers greatly. Online payments are also considered to quite efficient and are valued by many customers nowadays.

Online scheduling software can be used by many different types of business, such as photographers, beauty salons, mechanics, doctors and others. It truly is a great tool that can help you improve your business activity. Give it a try and simplify your daily routine.

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