Which Online Booking System is Best for Doctors

Doctors arguably have the busiest schedules out of us all. Such a highly demanding job definitely requires some good organizational and prioritizing skills. There are a number of booking systems out in the market that can be used. Here, we will talk about what exactly you should look for in an online booking system as a doctor, to make your days more structured and efficient. Let’s dive right in.

Online Booking System

Receive Reports

Receiving daily and monthly reports can benefit you in many ways. A good online booking system will send you reports based on your daily appointments, as well as monthly recaps of how you performed within the time frame. Let’s break it down. Your daily reports should show the bookings you have made within the day, as well as any appointment that has been canceled within the last 24 hours. This gives you a visual representation of what your day is going to look like. Your monthly reports will be a bit more informative. That is, they will show you an overall snapshot of your month; booked and canceled appointments, what your most booked service is, returning patients, busiest days, etc.

Customize Your Schedule

As a doctor, you should look for an online booking platform that allows you to customize your schedule to suit your working needs. Let’s look at this through an example. It is no secret that many doctors rotate from one clinic to another within the week, meaning they have more than one working space. If you work at one clinic for 3 days a week, you can customize your schedule so it will make the remaining days unavailable for your patients.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Your online booking system should send out reminders to your patients that have booked appointments. Especially when it comes to doctors, appointments can be scheduled weeks in advance, just because of high demand and not enough free slots. And because of this wait time, your patients may forget that they have booked an appointment in the first place.  When the day comes, an automated appointment reminder will be sent via text and/or via email. You will find this truly convenient.

Receive Payments Online

A booking system should offer the ability to receive payments online. You choose exactly how much you charge your patients, and you can apply a specific price across your whole schedule or customize it for certain times or appointment types. An online payment feature definitely makes things easier for both you and your patients.

In short, this blog post focused on what kind of online booking system would best suit doctors. With numerous options out there, certain features are definitely needed to make your job a little more manageable. Focus on looking for a scheduling platform that allows you to receive reports, customize your schedule, and automate certain features. With these tools, you will be able to stay on top of your schedule, remain efficient, and make sure to give each patient the time and treatment he/she needs.

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