Online Appointment Booking After GDPR

The GDPR is a privacy regulation integrated by the European Union that gives customers more control over their personal data. It changes a few things for businesses, including one of an online appointment booking system. You as a business manager will be the one that has to comply with the regulation, not the customer. That is why you have to know first what exactly will change for you after GDPR. In this blog post, we will discuss this topic further. Let’s dive in.

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More Transparency

We all get numerous promotional email from some of the websites we visited every day. But we do not always sign up for those messages. What GDPR-influenced changes bring is a higher transparency in how businesses ask permission to send out emails. Do not assume you, as a business manager, can constantly send emails to those who gave you some sort of contact previously. You can write a message offering something you thought they can be interested in, but always provide them with an opportunity to opt out easily.

Differentiate Email Permission Requests

Taking into account GDPR changes, you have to differentiate email permission requests that are a part of your service from promotional emails. As an online appointment booking system, you have to contact your customers via email in case of any cancellations, delays or waitlist openings. These messages are absolutely different from promotional ones. You have to ask for consent separately. Each consent is different. The customer can accept one of them and decline another one.

Let Customers Opt Out Easily

Besides making a safe opt-in a no-go, your online appointment booking solution has to let customers opt out of the email subscription easily. It is great if you can tell your clients how exactly to opt out. You cannot charge them anything for unsubscribing. You shouldn’t ask them to log in or visit more than one page to unsubscribe. In each email, you send there should be a quick link to an option of opting out. Putting any barriers on this can lead to serious consequences.

Separate Privacy Page

Not only does your online appointment booking business have to offer more information but it also asks you to share it in a clear and concise way. Your privacy policy page has to now display;

  • what personal information you collect
  • how you use it
  • what security this data is under
  • what can users control there and more.

Now, all this has to be written in a clear language for your users to get a hang of with no difficulty.

Make sure you give customers your contact information, too.

This sums up the 4 ways GDPR-compliance affects your online appointment booking process. You should take those seriously and implement the changes. What they will do to your business the most is make its strategy more transparent. This is something customers value a lot these days and something that can make them choose you over competitors who practice less transparency.


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