How Much Does a Good Online Booking System Cost?

A really good online booking system does not come free. A lot of effort and time goes into the creation of this tool. And that effort costs money. Prices of a well-made online scheduling software vary and depend on a few factors. We will talk about the average normal price for a good solution and what you will get for it exactly. Let’s dive into the subject.

online booking system

Number of Employees

One of the most important determinants of an online booking system price is the number of employees that use it. An employee is basically anyone who has their own log in to the system. What you need to do is determine how many employees will be logging into the system separately and accessing the schedule and its features and go from there. If you are a small business on average for 5 employee logins you will need to pay around $50 a month. So keep that price in mind when choosing an online scheduling tool.

Number of Bookings

Having a limited number of bookings (which is a common practice in a free online booking system) is quite troublesome. After a certain number, your free tool will simply stop accepting bookings and will become useless. The problem is not only in that, though. Your clients will get used to having the feature and once it gets taken away from them due to this limit, they will experience inconvenience that could potentially force them to switch services. That is why you should go for a paid tool that offers unlimited bookings.

Online Payment Feature

For many customers, an online payment service has become very important and can even be a determining factor in their choice between you and your competitors. Only paid online booking solutions can provide you with a secure and simple-in-use online payment feature. Free versions cannot afford to have a high level of security so they are much easier to compromise. Your clients’ personal information can be stolen and that could lead to big trouble. The risk of this is definitely not worth saving money on a  paid tool.

Monthly Reports

You always need to know what is happening in your business, how well or badly it’s doing and the reasons for each of those. This valuable information can be presented to your by an online booking system and its monthly data report. The tool will collect figures on your bookings and you will be given an opportunity to use it to better your business strategy.

On average starting price for a good online scheduling system is $30 per month and for that money, you will receive valuable insights for your marketing, among a number of other major benefits.

This concludes our 4 factors that affect the price of an online booking system. Pay close attention to those and go for the tool that suits your budget and needs the most.