Misconceptions About Online Scheduling Softwares

There are certain misapprehensions customers and small business owners have on the topic of online scheduling softwares. It is not a tough nut to crack though, but instead rather straightforward. In this blog post we will discuss certain myths around the subject and elaborate on the reasons why they are not true. So let’s get into it.

Misconceptions About Online Scheduling Softwares

My Customers Information Will Not Be Protected Properly

Safety is extremely important not only to you but also to your customers. You as a service provider and, hence, a collector of certain information on your clients have to be highly attentive and digitally armed. For this reason you need to install one of the online scheduling softwares into your website that it would be highly secure. Flexbooker keeps all your customers’ information encrypted and available only to you. Of course, with the exception of an online payment personal data – that is protected entirely.

The only thing other customers will be able to see is if the time slots are booked or not. As well as get notified in case of cancellation of a booking time they waitlisted for.  

So what comes to online safety, you can be very calm – it is handled with utmost care and attention.

My Schedule Will Be Totally in Customers’ Hands

Many small business owners mistakenly think that they will lose control over their own schedule. They assume customers will be able to book time slots however and whenever they want. But that is not the case with Flexbooker. With our online scheduling software you can manage everything the way you like.

You are able to close down appointments for certain days or hours, for instance. The booking form is customizable as well – you can edit fields, add custom fields and choose which information should be displayed. Everything can be changed to suit your business and the way you want to run your online bookings. All is in your hands.

Online Scheduling Softwares Do Not Differ Much

There are plenty of online booking tools on the market but the offers that their service make are not at all the same. Especially so, if you compare them by their levels of quality. Flexbooker is one online booking tool that combines a high level of security, reliability and great features. With it you can manage your schedule easily, send automated SMS or email reminders, take online payments – to name a few. This software also lets you integrate your calendars. It is full of useful features provided at affordable price points.

So before you choose an online booking software, compare a few on the market and the best one, judging by these criteria.

This concludes our list of myth about online scheduling software downsides. They are, in fact, no downsides at all but merely misconceptions. We hope this blog post helped you to think them over. And in case these were stopping you from implementing an online booking tool into your website and business, we hope we got rid of those misconceptions for you.