How to Manage the Holiday Rush at Your Retail Store

With decorations, sales, and high energy, the holidays are an exciting time for customers and business owners alike. Many retailers look to the holiday shopping period for more than half of their yearly revenue.

Online shopping has gained a lot of traction this year, however in-store experiences continue to be sought after. Businesses of course want to reinforce this desire, but can they do it safely? Stay safe AND increase sales with these tips on how to manage your holiday rush.


Hire additional employees

It may seem counterintuitive to bring on more employees when you’re trying to limit numbers, however more shoppers in your store than you’re accustomed to means more questions, more checkouts, more cleanup, and more returns.

Holiday shoppers often ask additional questions or seek advice when purchasing gifts, and you want to be prepared to engage all buyers needing your attention. Customers opting for in-store versus online shopping are likely desiring a more personable experience, so you want to be able to fulfill that for them.

Reduce unnecessary clutter

When crowd control is a priority, simple considerations regarding space management can make a big difference. Look around your store and see if there are cabinets, racks, desks, even piles that could be moved to a back area. Could you reduce the total number of shelves in your store if you displayed fewer replicated products?

Maximizing space in the customer-facing regions of your business allows more potential purchasers to enter, while still leaving room for safe distancing practices.

Implement shopping appointments

You can help maximize the space for shopping in your store, but at some point (hopefully!) you are still going to hit capacity. That’s why we created FlexBooker Pro, the simple wait list tool that helps you keep tabs on exactly how many people are inside your store, and how many more are waiting.

With FlexBooker Pro, you can:

  • Set capacity limits and track current capacity
  • Create a wait list to know how many people are waiting, across multiple doors
  • Automatically determine estimated wait times
  • Ping customers when it’s almost their turn
  • Choose whether you want to allow advanced reservations or just walk-ups

Enhance your business with FlexBooker Pro

As small business owners ourselves, we appreciate the hardships businesses face when it comes to managing appointments, schedules, and wait lists. That’s why we created this powerful, automated software, and use it ourselves every day! Check out our new FlexBooker Pro, the wait list app that checks all the boxes for businesses — and then some.

Want to put it to the test? Try it free for 14 days or schedule a demo today.

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