Make Your Own Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Finding a good and free online appointment scheduling software is no easy task. First of all, there are very few options available. The reason is that building a good online appointment scheduling software requires a lot of effort and money. So obviously, it is fair to ask for a reasonable fee for the product. And very few companies would offer this software for free.

There are usually two ways you can get a free online appointment scheduling software for your small business.

Free trial

This is a short period of time when you can get access to the full features of the software to try it out. It will allow you to understand whether or not it makes sense to pay for this online appointment scheduling software. And it is easy to determine. Just calculate the amount of time savings it provides and add up the customer satisfaction value. This will be the rough return on investment for using the software.

Limited version

Some companies will offer a forever free plan of the software within certain limits. They would limit the number of staff who can use the software or the number of online bookings or even traffic. This might be an acceptable option for small businesses that are just starting up and do not anticipate a lot of bookings. But for businesses with existing customers that want to elevate the service level and acquire new customers a free online appointment scheduling software will probably not do the job.

But there is also one other way to have a free online appointment scheduling software of your own and that’s Google Forms.

Free online appointment scheduling software with Google Forms

Before we dive into the actual how-to, you need to understand that free is never going to be as good as paid. You will have to give up a lot of customization options, as Google Forms will still look as a Google product. And finally, it will entail some manual work, as the process will not be real-time and automated.

So, if you are still reading,  here’s how to build your own free online appointment scheduling software.

1. Go to Google Forms and open the Template Gallery. Choose the “Find a Time” template. We will be editing and customizing this template to work as a free online appointment scheduling software for your business.

free online appointment scheduling software

2. Start customizing the form to fit your website and brand. There is not much you can do, however Google allows you to play around a little bit. You can add a branded cover image and choose your brand colors for the form.

free online appointment scheduling software

But most importantly, you can customize each and every field in the form to request necessary information and confirm the booking. You can create a calendar of availability for the customer to choose from. One way to avoid overbooking with this type of offline calendar is to confirm each booking separately. You need to let the customers know that bookings will be confirmed via email to avoid frustration.

3. When you are done with the form, you can just copy and paste the url into your website. You can even link a call-to-action button to this url, so that the user experience is smoother.

Here is what your free online appointment scheduling software alternative might look like with Google Forms.

free online appointment scheduling software

Voila! There you have it. Your very own free online appointment scheduling software.

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