Should You Install a Free Online Appointment Scheduling Tool

A free online appointment scheduling tool can be of great use to your small business. But before deciding on which tool provider to select exactly you should do a little research. Find out what kind of types of software there are and which can suit your business the most. The two fundamental types are free and paid. The former type is usually limiting and the latter might be too costly for small businesses with a small budget. We believe a golden mean can be found for everyone in this situation. In this blog post we will try to give you some useful tips on how to find it. Let’s dive in.

free online appointment scheduling

When a Free Tool is Not a Bad Idea

Let’s talk about when a free online appointment scheduling software would do good for your business. As the free tool is very limiting in terms of available number of bookings as well as the features, it can be helpful for those businesses that have a steady small number of bookings and do not expect numbers to rise in the near future. They will need the tool mostly for easing the scheduling process and having where to store bookings data.

Another time a free tool can be useful is when it is actually a free trial of a paid tool. If you are a small business that thrives for growth but doesn’t have the budget to try different paid solutions to find out which one suits you best, give a free trial a look. Most of them last a month, so that gives you plenty of time for understanding if you like the tool or not, as well as saves you a monthly fee. Look out for promising startups that do not ask for your credit card information, they are the ones trying the most to give you the best experience.

When a Free Tool is a Bad Idea

As we mentioned above, a free online appointment scheduling software can be useful in rare cases. Now let’s make it clear when you need a paid version of the tool the most. Are you a small business that has a low to mid budget? Do you aim to attract more customers and grow your business? If yes, then you first have to understand that a good software with its useful features can’t come totally free.

A paid version of an online booking software will provide you with an unlimited number of bookings, automated messaging, online payment service, monthly reports on how your business is doing in terms of bookings, customization, daily recap and a professional service among other things. All these if used right can help you grow your sales and make your scheduling efficient.

So these are our thoughts on when you should and should not use a free online appointment scheduling software. Read through and try to figure out what would work for you the best at a given moment in the development of your small business. Always make educated decisions, they will bring the most benefit.

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