Nail Salon Instagram Marketing Guide

Instagram is a prominent platform on which to engage your customers and attract potential ones. With this nail salon Instagram marketing guide you will be able to reach broader audience and turn them into paying customers for your nail salon. Let’s get on with it.

nail salon instagram marketing guide 

Generate Engaging Content

Think about who your main audience is. What’s the average age of your customers, what they seem to be interested in, what trends do they follow? Do some research and create instagram posts that will catch your target’s attention. Think of posts that will create some value for your followers, something that will make them want to come back to your page. For instance, you can share a step-by-step guide on how to take care of your nails.

Instagram stories are wildly popular today and can also be a great content format for your nail salon. You can create stories out of any nail procedure, adding matching filters and stickers. This way you will get more visibility in your followers’ feed as well. Building on this further we reach the next point of our nail salon Instagram marketing guide.

Create Connections

You can routinely make videos on how to take good care of your nails, how to color them and so forth. All of these videos will include nail products, which you would recommend. With this in mind you can partner with nail product brands and work on promoting each other through Instagram posts and stories. Choose these brands wisely, too. They should have a good reputation and a substantial follower count – preferably, not much less than yours.


Take advantage of trending hashtags and post your content in relevance to them. For instance, if Valentine’s day is coming up, ask one of your masters to execute a compelling holiday-themed nail art, take a picture of it and showcase it on Instagram with a fun caption and hot hashtags. This marketing strategy has proved to be effective time and time again in attracting new followers and ,consequently, potential customers. Especially now that Instagram allows users to follow specific hashtags, you definitely want to get in this feed.

Run Contests

Instagram is one great platform that lets you create contests with little to no work. You can ask your followers to tag you and post their “before” and “after” pictures of manicure, nail art ideas or anything else you could think of. As a reward, offer a free visit to the salon for those who get the most likes, for instance. Use Instagram LIVE to share the actual visit and create post-contest buzz for your brand. This is a great way to engage your followers, spark a conversation and ultimately get more followers.

Quality Speaks Volumes

Always work on the standard of your content. Make sure you are in a possession of a good camera and a person who can operate it well. Quality is very important on Instagram, especially with such a huge number of posts published literally every second – everything has to be done in a precise and tasteful manner. Once in a while, for special events, you can also use services of a good photographer or video editor.

So there you have it, a nail salon Instagram marketing guide you can start implementing today. Make the best out of your Instagram presence and turn your followers into actual customers with a nail salon online appointment booking tool on your website.