Getting More Customers With an Online Barber Booking System

An online scheduling platform is a great tool for your barber business. It can give much-needed structure to your business, in terms of keeping your daily activities on track. Now that you have your online barber booking system in place you may be asking yourself “how can I get more customers with this tool”? In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you gain a larger customer base. Let’s dive in.

Aesthetically Pleasing Layout

Your online barber booking system gives you the ability to customize your entire layout. Imagine being the customer for a second. If you went on a website that looked messy and unorganized, chances are you will close the tab and continue searching for a different barber site. Don’t let this happen to you. A good system will allow you to easily integrate the scheduling widget onto your website. You can customize the layout, and make sure it doesn’t look off-putting.

New Marketing and Sales Strategies

Of course, you need to rethink your marketing and sales strategies in order to win over new customers. You can do this with the help of an online barber booking system. Your system will send you both daily and monthly reports. The daily reports contain simple information, like your bookings within that day and any cancellations made. Your monthly reports are much more detailed, and these will help you strategize better. Your monthly reports will indicate your busiest days, busiest hours, most booked appointment type, etc. From here on out, you can, for example, come up with new sales tactics for days or hours that you don’t get booked as often. You can offer a discount, or a special promotion, etc. The rest is up to you.

Your Loyal Customer Base

Arguably, your most important clients are your loyal customers- the ones who keep on coming back. Your monthly reports will show you exactly who these customers are. By creating a special loyalty program for them, you create an incentive for other people to want to be a part of that “exclusive circle”. Your most loyal customers are also the ones who possess a very big marketing tool of their own- word of mouth. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. One bad review can offset a chain of negativity.

Facebook Button

Finally, you can integrate a “book now” button on your Facebook business profile, with the help of your online barber booking system. If you update your Facebook business page frequently, then this is a perfect tool for you to get more customers. A potential client can easily book an appointment with you, easily and quickly. Your “book now” button will redirect them to your booking sheet. There will be no need to call or email.

In this blog post, we discussed ways you can use your online barber booking system to attract more customers. Besides the standard scheduling tools, your system provides various other ones that can help sway customers your way.

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